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How are you structuring your instruction for the class?

  1. For the first section of class, I will give a formal, live and interactive group art lesson through an online platform.

  2. Students will get off of their computers to begin their art projects.

  3. During this time, I will do what I usually do in a live classroom setting, and I will "rotate through the class" and provide individualized 1-1 interactions with students, where I will view the art that they are working on, provide feedback, stimulate problem solving and creativity, and answer questions. 

  4. We will meet mid-session to re-connect and debrief with the group. During this time, I will question and instruct, as students share their projects, and we will inspire each other.

  5. We will return to individualized 1-1 instruction.

  6. At the end of the session, students will reconvene to show the projects that they produced that day, I will provide positive critique, and we will discuss future aspirations and goals for that project.













































I’m putting together a virtual summer art program for teens and adults which:

  • Limits screen time

  • Focuses on connecting with others

  • Provides 1-1 feedback and positivity.


First Two Sessions Offered:

Sunday, May 31st:

"Printmaking with Adults"

5:30 pm - 7:15 pm MST

$25 fee (includes taxes and fees)

June 8th - June 12th:

"Art with Teens"

12 pm - 3:30 pm MST

$130 (10% sibling discount)

* Note that additional sessions may occur.

Please express your interest by emailing me.

Private art parties          for birthdays,
Ladies Night, etc.
  • Please click this button to send me an email expressing interest. Please tell me which session(s) you'd like to join, and send your names and ages,

  • I will send you a registration form and invoice. 

  • You'll be officially counted in the class as soon as your payment is received!

How do I register?
How do I contact you with interest?

AmuseD LLC

Arts & Developments


Creativity: Using our imaginations, inspiring each other, and seeing the world through new eyes.

Community: Connecting in community with others through the arts.

Charity: Students will pay a suggested donation of $25 for a one hour macro class.

Hello, I'm Keely, and I've been teaching for over 25 years in NM private and public schools. I hold two NM Level 3 Master Teacher Licenses, with a Visual Arts Endorsement. For a longer bio, see bottom of page.


How are you reducing screen time?

Out of the 3.5 hour session, there will be two instructional segments where students will receive down-time away from the screen as I "rotate through the class" (by calling students individually) to provide each student with 1-1 feedback.

How much does a one week session cost per person?

My session prices for this are reduced to $130 per person/per week-long session from $165. The $35 discount is because there is not a "materials fee" for this class).

What is your refund policy? 

I am not able to provide refunds, unless you find another student to substitute and pay for your child's spot. Once they pay for your spot, then you may be given a refund, minus a !0% processing fee of $20. 

How did you determine the class times?

I would like to give families as much outdoor time as possible in the cooler parts of the day (mornings and evening). I also know that teens tend to like to sleep in sometimes (I have one of my own).

What ages are you offering this art experience to?

I'm presently filling up two teen sessions. I have always taught in multi-age environments. I have taught to younger and older students than this in the past, so if you're really interested, please send me an Email and I may be able to provide more experiences in the future! Right now my previous summer plans are "on hold". See the contact me "send" button up under my class list to send me an Email, and I'll be in contact with you!

Do you offer separate adult classes? 

I've heard this a lot over the years! If you're an adult, and you'd like to participate in an "art camp for grown ups", please email me with your interest (see blue "send" button above). I'll get back with you when I have enough adults interested. I would propose one Sunday evening for 1.75 hours at $25 per person, or one week of evening art classes for 1.75 hours each evening at $80.

Do you offer scholarships?

I generously offer one full scholarship this summer. We're going through difficult times, and I'd like to bring some joy to a child who is in need right now. This one charitable scholarship opportunity, will be offered based on financial need, and a substantiated history of positive/charitable community contribution by the family.

Will you offer any other reduced rates?

If you’re interested in joining a class of up to 25 students online, or a 1.75 hour model class, please Email me, and I may be able to offer reduced rates in the future for this type of model.

What kinds of materials/art supplies will I be needed for this art class?

When you register for my class, and pay in full, I will email you the basic household materials and art supplies that you can gather. If you already have paper and pencils, and some paint laying around . . . then you're off to an essential start. I’m trying to make your life a little bit easier during this already difficult time. Many supplies are hard to find right now, so I’m designing my “surprise” art projects around basic supplies that you probably have at home, or could borrow from a neighbor/friend potentially. I love how our community can come together during these times of extra need. It’s also a great model to follow, in order to reduce material consumption: Do I need it? Can I make it? Can I borrow it? Can I buy it used?


What is your background in art and in teaching?

Even if you already know me, I think you'll learn something new by reading this. I have been teaching in NM private and public schools since 1994. I hold a BS degree in Art with a Psychology minor from James Madison University, and I hold a MA degree in Educational Thought and Sociocultural Studies from UNM.


My New Mexico Tier 3 Master Teaching Licenses include: Early Childhood, Elementary (with Visual Arts and TESOL Endorsements), and a Montessori certification. I have taught from early childhood, through undergraduate and graduate level courses/classes. While I have taught visual arts programs in Montessori private and public schools, and been a Fine Arts Coordinator, I also have my own private art and cello studio. I have been teaching at Desert Willow Family School since 2002, and in this learning community, I have developed gifted curriculum and assessments, and have taught across all subject areas, while integrating the curriculum areas.


I first began teaching in the arts when I was 12 years old, when my cello teacher began sending me beginning cello students. I studied cello performance through undergraduate and graduate schools. I first started teaching visual art in 1991, at ArtPark, which is a NY State Park for the visual and performing arts (the only state park in the nation with that focus). I grew up there, and the avant-garde art experiences with a community outreach focus that I had growing up, helped form the way that I think, the skills that I have developed, and the way that I interact with the world conceptually and manifestly. I am a visual artist (ceramics, drawing, painting, and textiles) and performing artist (cellist, composer, and interdisciplinary artist as Celloquacious and with Delphi Project), and due to my extensive background, I’m an interdisciplinary artist that sees the world as a canvas. I experience art as being unified with life, as an integral part of it. I execute art while integrating research, and combining multiple disciplines. I am excited to continue to work and teach in community with others, utilizing art as a medium of expression and communication. I invite you to be part of my creative community!


In addition to this, I'm a mom of a teen too, and we're outdoor adventurers together (skiers, sailors, hikers, and travelers), I practice yoga asana regularly, I'm involved in peace education, climate justice work, and I'm also "mom" to six fur and feather babies!

Note that all artwork on this page was created by students in one of my art classes. Maybe yours will be featured next!

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