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Celloquacious: Keely Mackey

Delphi ProjectElizabeth Capra and Keely Mackey 

Futuristic 2020

February 2, 2020: Laudato Si' Retreat Series for Climate Justice: Keely Mackey performing adapted compositions by Hildegard and her own original Celloquacious compositions on electro acoustic cello

February 28th: Intimate Premiere House Concert:Delphi Project will perform a few of their favorite original compositions in an intimate setting. Elizabeth Capra will perform on grand piano, and Keely Mackey will play electro acoustic cello with looping, and unplugged. They will each premiere two of their own new compositions.



Alternate Virtual Events Due to Pandemic: 



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March 15th: Celloquacious Livestream Concert on Facebook in a Time of Social Distancing.

March 27th TurnUp Multimedia Festival, Tucson, AZ. This ended up being virtual due to the lockdown. My pieces, Endeavor I and II, were featured, along with Elizabeth Capra's piece, La Resistance.

April 7th: Celloquacious Digital EP Release Party of "From: When the Veil Thins" 

These songs were performed in Delphi Project's Debut Performance, "When the Veil Thins", with choreographed professional ballet dancers. See information on bottom of page about this avant-garde performance. The fourth track, "Out at Sea" is a finalist in the NMMA (New Mexico Music Awards) in the Ambient, Contemporary Instrumental Category.

April 21st: New Mexico Interfaith Power in Light, Earth Day Prayer Ceremony: Celloquacious, aka Keely Mackey, contributed musical component of this celebration. She performed her piece "Out as Sea" to embrace the water element focus of this Earth Day Ceremony.


April 26th: Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Kappa Virtual National Conference, Washington, DC. A truly great organization, supporting musicians and composers. Delphi Project (Elizabeth Capra and Keely Mackey were interviewed and our music video of "The Witches" was premiered.

May 13th: New Digital Compilation LP Release: "Accidental Counterpoint in the Time of Social Distancing", byThe Unheard Ensemble. 100% of charitable contributions go to musician's relief fund. Celloquacious performed on tracks 1 and 11. This was organized, compiled and mastered by Justin H. Brierley in Santa Fe. 

June 28th: Bhava Yoga and Celloquacious Live Cello and Yoga: All Proceeds benefit POC Sangha. We raised hundreds of dollars for this charity fundraiser! This yoga and cello collaboration was live streamed through Facebook.

August 16th: New Mexico Music Awards Ceremony: Keely Mackey aka Celloquacious was invited to perform two pieces, which were live video recorded and aired during the NMMA ceremony. Keely won the award in the Ambient, Contemporary Instrumental category, for her song, Out at Sea. Elizabeth Capra's piece (Delphi Project) La Resistance, was a finalist in this category.

October 22nd: Nature Meditation I (with Marisol Brito leading yoga): was released as part of a nationwide livestream benefit event, to support domestic violence survivors.

December 17th: Gallup Rocks Concert Series. Celloquacious was honored to be selected to perform as part of this music series. The recorded performance was streamed on Facebook, Instagram and on KGLP 91.7 FM on the 19th. 

December 22nd: New Mexico Interfaith Power and Light: Wandering in Darkness Solstice Celebration. I created a video for this virtual event. This video that I produced of my piece, Endeavor, can be viewed on my Celloquacious YouTube channel.

December 31st: Fusion Forum Theater's NYE Virtual Celebration: Delphi Project's piece, La Resistance.


NYCEMF 2021 New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival: In a virtual collaboration with Iran based electroacoustic composer and musician, Madyar Ghazinejad, Keely is featured in the collaborative music piece, Debris of a Colorful Dream. The special video presentation may be viewed on the Celloquacious YouTube Channel. All video footage was created by Keely, and Madyar produced the final video presentation for this virtual festival. We are honored to be selected to be a part of the world's largest electroacoustic music festival.

May 22, 2021 AMP Concerts, "Emerging from the Pandemic" Concert Series : Celloquacious and Robb Janov (Electraloop Violin) in Old Town Albuquerque, at Casa Flamenca. SOLD OUT

June 20th Released "Danny Boy/Londonderry Aire" Music and History video on my Celloquacious YouTube Channel.

July 25, August 1st, August 8th: Bee Time Yoga Classes at Bhava Yoga with Celloquacious and Marisol Brito. I play my original music compositions inspired by nature and debut, "Bee Meditation Song". We're helping raise awareness and money for the local nonprofit organization, "Think Like a Bee." A representative from their organization presents educational perspective and local native wildflower seeds are given as a gift.

July 25th: New Mexico Music Award Ceremony Live: I was invited back to be recognized to winning a NMMA in 2020, when we were not able to gather in person. It was a pleasure and honor to be recognized, and to be a part of this live event.

August 21st: Sunport Serenedes Celloquacious was selected to perform for the live music series at the Albuqueruq Sunport International Airport. 

August 28th: Celloquacious at Pirate Summer Bash, presented by NM Renaissance and Celtic

October 4th: Music Monday New Mexico: 45 minute Celloquacious performance and 15 minute interview. Recorded at Studio 519 in Albuquerque. D'Santi Nava, a NM Music Commissioner, started this project.

October 17th: In the recording studio at AbqPost with Delphi Project, recording for an exciting film project with my group!

November 4th: KRQE News 13 Interview of Keely Mackey aka Celloquacious is published.

All events BELOW have been postponed due to Pandemic


March 26-28, 2020: TURN UP Multimedia Festival Performing "Crossing the Threshold" at the at the University of Arizona Fred Fox School of Music. This was a competitive process, with about 10% of proposals selected.Keely and Elizabeth have each had their own individual music compositions accepted to be performed in conjunction with architect, Michelle Negrette  for a collaborative visual art and compositional piece, entitled: "Crossing the Threshold" at the TURN UP Multimedia Festival at the University of Arizona Fred Fox School of Music.


April 1: Yoga Retreat Celloquacious Soundbath in Sandy, Utah


April 16-17: Southwest Looping Festival in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, NM

April 26: Earth Day Prayer Festival: NM Interfaith (went virtual, see above)

May 2: New Mexico Composer's Showcase


June: LOVE: A Musical Multi-Media Performance

Antiquity 2019

May 16th: New Mexico Composer's Showcase: Performed at Keshet Center for the Arts, Albuquerque, NM, Elizabeth Capra founded and directed this event. Elizabeth performed her composed solo: "Fallen" and with Delphi Project Quartet, "Runaway". Keely Mackey performed with Delphi Project and premiered her solo composition for solo looping electro acoustic cello, "Out at Sea" with professional ballet dancers and choreographers: Emma Heuertz and Christopher Bornet.

May 2019: Hear Here Festival: Ballet "Hide and Seek", at Keshet Center for the Arts, Albuquerque, NM, composed by Elizabeth Capra and choreographed by Romy Keegan. Keely Mackey performed on cello and looping electro acoustic cello, with Elizabeth Capra on piano.

June 5, 2019: Yoga Soundbath at Indi Yoga, Albuquerque, NM, for Erin Hansbrough's class. On her looping cello, Keely (was) "creating a sound bath that is at once haunting, atmospheric and just deeply beautiful", Erin Hansbrough, owner, Indi Yoga.  


July 11, 2019: Concert by Former Local Composers: Keely Mackey, Cello and Max Buckholtz, violin at St. John's Episcopal Church, Youngstown, NY. Keely performed eight of her original compositions for solo looping electro acoustic cello, and performed her "looping cello orchestra" arrangement of "La Folia" in conjunction with Max, who performed his own variations on the theme. Max performed a segment of his "Journey West" program, and afterward, they joined to perform Mother and Child, a composition for violin and cello by Elizabeth Capra. 


August 7, 2019: World Composer's Recital: at Ehrbar Hall in Vienna, Austria. Delphi Project Quartet (Elizabeth Capra, piano and Keely Mackey, cello) performed the composition "Runaway", by Elizabeth Capra, which placed in the professional piano composition competition. 

August 20, 2019: Women of Glimmer: Women's Summit, Albuquerque, NM, Keely performed three of her original looping cello compositions, as part of the opening ceremonies for women's healing and empowerment. 

September 25, 2019: When the Veil Thins, at Fusion Forum Theatre, Albuquerque, NM, by Delphi Project and guests. Three composer musicians: Elizabeth Capra on piano, Keely Mackey on looping cello, and Robb Janov on electra loop violin, along with six professional ballet dancers and two choreographers, tell a story, written by Keely Mackey, through avant garde music, dance and performance art. (See details at bottom)

November 6, 2019: Celloquacious Concert, sponsored by AMP (Albuquerque Music Productions) Concerts and Friends of the Public Library at Albuquerque Main Library.

November 18th, 2019: NM Interfaith Labyrinth Walk, Retreat for Environmental Justice, St. Therese, Albuquerque, NM. Keely played three of her original compositions, emphasizing the elements of fire, water and air, to compliment the labyrinth walk. "Your part was perfect . . . people talked about how profound it was too have your music as part of the prayer and reflection.", Joan Brown, Executive Director, New Mexico Interfaith Power and Light (NMIPL).

November 20, 2019: Delphi Project Concertsponsored by AMP (Albuquerque Music Productions) Concerts and Friends of the Public Library at Los Griegos Library.

December 7, 2019: Women's Empowerment Conference: Broken but Beautifully Made. Keely performed three of her original looping cello compositions, as part of the opening ceremonies for women's empowerment. 

December 12, 2019: Innovative New Music Series: Two Looping Cellos and a Piano, (Celloquacious, Delphi Project and Third Seven) at LittleGlobe, Santa Fe, NM. Sponsored by Earwaves Productions Presents, as part of their Innovative New Music Series.

Delphi Project's debut performance: “When the Veil Thins”, successfully premiered on October 25, 2019 at Fusion Forum Theatre, in Downtown Albuquerque. Within this avant-garde performance, a story is told through music and movement, so that the audience may participate to create their own experience.  At this time of year, we seek connection with our ancestral past, and with our Earth at harvest. The show was developed so that we may all remember, honor and keep our ancestors alive. The conceptiual framework and story of, "When the Veil Thins" was created by Keely Mackey, and the musical order by Elizabeth Capra. A live altar is built, as we move through the four elements to achieve balance.


This story was conceived of and written by Keely Mackey, who also gave direction to the choreographers. She performed on cello (and electroacoustic looping cello) five of her original pieces, along with duets and trios that Elizabeth wrote.


Delphi Project partner, pianist and composer, Elizabeth Capra, placed the musical compositions (within Keely's elements structure of earth, air, fire, and water) and she composed seven of the pieces which were performed.

Robb Janov, joined on violin and Electraloop with three of his original pieces, along with joining the trio.

This story was told through music and dance, in conjunction with two choreographers: Katie Marshall (KJAM Studio Owner) and Ana Lopes Arechiga (Keshet), and five professional ballet dancers: Katie Marshall (KJAM Studio) Jordan Slocum, Antionette Segura and Joe Nava (Festival Ballet Albuquerque) and Kaitlin Innis (Keshet). Flavors of Jazz, Classical Ballet, Modern and even Flamenco are presented in a seamless collaboroation of movement, producing innovative choreography that transcends the Neoclassical undercurrent of the theme. Connection between the dances in collaboration with live music produces powerful images honoring our ancestral history.


Due to the outstanding positive response from our audience, this will become an annual event. As people were leaving this event, people were heard exclaiming, "I loved it! It was so unique and moving! I felt like my parents were with me, comforting me throughout the performance". We hope that you will join us for our annual performance, so that you can experience the moving comfort of this avant-garde adventure.