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Creativity: Using our imagination, and seeing the world through new eyes.

Community: Connecting and inspiring each other.

Charity: Students will pay a suggested donation of $35 for a one hour macrophotography class.

Hello, I'm Keely, and I've been teaching for over 25 years in NM private and public schools. I hold two NM Level 3 Master Teacher Licenses, with a Visual Arts Endorsement. For a longer bio, see bottom of page.


Macrophotography Classes

Small group classes of 2-6 students will meet on Saturday mornings from 8:45 am until 10:00 am.

All you need to bring is an enthusiastic attitude, your own smartphone (with camera), and I will provide a macro lens for use during the class. Please wear sun protection and water to drink!

Click here to join us! 

What is your background in art and in teaching?

Even if you already know me, I think you'll learn something new by reading this. I have been teaching in NM private and public schools since 1994. I hold a BS degree in Art with a Psychology minor from James Madison University, and I hold a MA degree in Educational Thought and Sociocultural Studies from UNM.


My New Mexico Tier 3 Master Teaching Licenses include: Early Childhood, Elementary (with Visual Arts and TESOL Endorsements), and a Montessori certification. I have taught from early childhood, through undergraduate and graduate level courses/classes. While I have taught visual arts programs in Montessori private and public schools, and been a Fine Arts Coordinator, I also have my own private art and cello studio. I have been teaching at Desert Willow Family School since 2002, and in this learning community, I have developed gifted curriculum and assessments, and have taught across all subject areas, while integrating the curriculum areas.


I first began teaching in the arts when I was 12 years old, when my cello teacher began sending me beginning cello students. I studied cello performance through undergraduate and graduate schools. I first started teaching visual art in 1991, at ArtPark, which is a NY State Park for the visual and performing arts (the only state park in the nation with that focus). I grew up there, and the avant-garde art experiences with a community outreach focus that I had growing up, helped form the way that I think, the skills that I have developed, and the way that I interact with the world conceptually and manifestly.


I am a visual artist (macrophotography, ceramics, drawing, painting, and textiles) and performing artist (cellist, composer, and interdisciplinary artist as Celloquacious and with Delphi Project), and due to my extensive background, I’m an interdisciplinary artist that sees the world as a canvas. I experience art as being unified with life, as an integral part of it. I execute art while integrating research, and combining multiple disciplines. I am excited to continue to work and teach in community with others, utilizing art as a medium of expression and communication. In January of 2022, I was awarded the UETF Resilencey Residency, through the City of Albuquerque in conjunction with Fusion Theatre. Part of my residency is offering classes and workshops to the public, especially classes on Macrophotography. I invite you to be part of my creative community!


In addition to this, I'm a mom of a teen too, and we're outdoor adventurers together (skiers, sailors, hikers, and travelers), I practice yoga asana regularly, I'm involved in peace education, climate justice work, and I'm also "mom" to four fur and feather babies!