Keely's debut EP: From "When the Veil Thins", was digitally released and available on multiple platforms, on April 7, 2020. It was released as a physical CD five months before that, but demand prevails, especially during these times when people look to music as a way to relax and heal.
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This debut EP is a collection of four songs, which were part of a performance which Keely wrote the story to, and performed with her group, Delphi Project, that featured professional choreographers and ballet dancers in Albuquerque, NM.
"When the Veil Thins" tells of the time when the veil between the worlds thin, and so we honor and celebrate our ancestors. Merging traditions from thousands of years ago, originating from the ancient Aztecs (Dia de los Muertos) and the ancient Celts (Samhain), we come together to remember, honor and celebrate our ancestors, and the collective communion of all people, from the past and present. These musical soul-scapes will simultaneously relax, inspire and transform you!
Click here to listen to the fourth track on this EP, "Out at Sea". This song won the 2020 New Mexico Music Award, for the Ambient, Contemporary Instrumental Category. Additionally, Keely was also honored to be invited perform two of her pieces for the NMMA ceremony, amongst two other musical artist groups. First you will hear the master of ceremony, José Antonio Ponce introduce Keely, and then she will perform Air: Hopeful, and then, the NMMA winner, Water: Out at Sea.

Keely won

the 2020 NMMA

for her song,

Out at Sea,

the fourth song on this EP.

Celloquacious  &
Delphi Project
Archetype by Celloquacious

Composition and Performance

by Keely Mackey aka Celloquacious.

La Resistance by Delphi Project
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Acceptance (excerpt) by Celloquacious