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"A spellbinding, time-suspending collection of songs that she seems to summon from another time and place".
Mel Minter, Music Columnist at Albuquerque the Magazine
February 2024 Issue

Newest Award

  1. Earth: Archetype Featuring Josh Trujillo on percussion: giving this song a renewed vitality. Archetype is about a symbolic and timeless journey across land, mountains and woods. This was originally written by me on Summer Solstice of 2016. 2023 NMMA Finalist in the World Music Category.

  2. Earth: Saunterers - Saunterers came to me in a dream, I improvised upon it with Elizabeth Garland, and then reimagined it. John Muir inspired the name with this, quote: “these mountains are our holy land and people ought to saunter through them reverently, not hike through them”. A la sainte terre: to the Holy Land.

  3. Air: Transfiguration - This piece is the most abstract, atmospheric, electroacoustic on this album. The underlying loop lasts 1/2 a minute. This song portrays an expanding struggle that is transformed, and everything becomes lighter and more alluring. 2023 NMMA Finalist in the Ambient Category and a 2023 ISC Semi-Finalist in the Instrumental Category.

  4. Air: Bee Meditation - During the lockdown, I was sometimes spending 40 hours a week partaking in Macrophotography. Many of my photos portray bees, especially native bees. I grew up loving the honeybees my grandpa cared for. These small creatures are miraculous, and we depend on them. My ode to bees!

  5. Fire: Hjärta - “Heart (Swedish), my family from Sweden were visiting in NY and taught me how to say “heart” in Swedish. It is a song of passion and turmoil, which can be attributed to the struggles we have due to our heart’s entanglements. This includes love for nature, and struggles in our environment, especially the devastating wildfires and drought in New Mexico.

  6. Fire: Requiem - Requiem was performed as you hear it… Once. Straight through. Raw. I recorded it on my iPhone, hours after learning that my godson had tragically died. This also symbolizes the collective loss and grief we feel, and especially for those who have lost someone they love ... 

  7. Water: Nature Meditation - I spend as much time as possible in the infinite source of healing: outdoors. In this way, I appreciate, meditate, heal, and cultivate a sense of wonder and joy in the miraculous world in which we live. Through Nature and creativity we will heal, care for ourselves, and nurture our world.

  8. Water: Out at Sea - Thank you to Lance Bigley, the audio engineer: originally recording and mastering, at Moonlight Recording Studio in 2019. I grew up sailing on Lake Ontario, and this song portrays a journey on the sea, a storm, and a musical rainbow at the end. I dedicated this song to my dad in 2018, and he crossed over to the other shore in 2022. 2020 NMMA Winner in the Ambient Contemporary Instrumental Category. 2021 ISC Semi-Finalist in the Instrumental Category. 


By Keely Mackey aka Celloquacious 2022


AWARDS: Three of the songs on this album have a total of five awards. Keely Mackey won the 2020 New Mexico Music Award, in the Ambient Instrumental Category, and was a Semi-Finalist in the 2021 and 2023 International Songwriting Competition in the Instrumental Category, for her songs, “Out at Sea” and "Transfiguration", respectively. Keely was a double finalist for the 2023 New Mexico Music Awards: Archetype in the World Music category, and Transfiguration in the Ambient/New Age category. 


Note: All of these songs were recorded with live looping on Keely’s cello, processed through a Boss ME 70. She creates live layers as she plays, and it is recorded as such. None of the songs were recorded with separate layers and mixed.


Thanks to Travis Hill, at Infaze Mastering, for his skills and care in being the audio engineer: recording, editing and mastering all of the aforementioned songs on my album, into the late hours of Zen.


Photo credit to Keith Langerman for the in-sync album portrait photography. 


Thanks to Jorgie Winsberg, President of DeSoto Productions, for manifesting this album in physical form.


Keely Mackey took the rose macro photos on the interior of the album.


©2022 All rights reserved. All songs on this album were composed by Keely Mackey and performed on live looping cello by Keely Mackey. Josh Trujillo is featured playing percussion on Archetype.

CELLOQUACIOUS EP From When the Veil Thins

Listen to this EP and also newly released singles. Listen on Spotify, or all streaming platforms.

This debut EP is a collection of four songs, which were part of a production which Keely wrote the story to, co-produced, composed musical pieces for, and also performed with her group, Delphi Project, that featured professional choreographers and ballet dancers in Albuquerque, NM at Fusion Theatre.
When the Veil Thins tells of the time when the veil between the worlds thin, and so we honor and celebrate our ancestors. Merging traditions from thousands of years ago, originating from the ancient Aztecs (Dia de los Muertos) and the ancient Celts (Samhain, pronounced: Sawh-whin), we come together to remember, honor and celebrate our ancestors, and the collective communion of all people, from the past and present. These musical soul-scapes will simultaneously relax, inspire and transform you!

Keely was selected to be one of six artists in the 2024 Albuquerque's Hear Here Festival presented by Keshet Dance & Center for the Arts, along with the City of Albuquerque's Arts & Culture Department, in Albuquerque in March & April 2024. New works premiered April 6.
2024 NMMA Winner for Angels in the Ambient Music Category, and Finalist for Best Instrumental Performance Category. The New Mexico Music Awards are judged by leading music professionals at a National level.
2023 ISC Semi-Finalist for Transfiguration in the Instrumental Category. The International Songwriting Competition, is the largest songwriting competition in the world, with an average of 20,000 entries. The ISC is judged by leading international music stars.
2023 New Mexico Music Award Double Finalist for Archetype in the World Music category, and Transfiguration in the Ambient/New Age category.
Keely was awarded a 2022-2023 UETF (Urban Enhancement Trust Fund) Resiliency Residency Grant through the City of Albuquerque, to work with Fusion Theatre. She recorded her new album, gave macrophotography workshops and classes, and collaborated with dancers for an immersive integrative musical and visual (macrophotography projections) performance. 

In 2021, Keely was honored to be a Semi-Finalist for the International Songwriting Competition, for her song, Out at Sea. This is the largest songwriting competition in the world. Of the 22,000 submissions, only 11% were selected to be a 2021 ISC Semi-Finalist.

Click here to listen to, Out at Sea. This song won the 2020 New Mexico Music Award, for the Ambient, Contemporary Instrumental Category. Additionally, Keely was also honored to be invited to perform two of her pieces for the NMMA ceremony, amongst two other musical artist groups. First you will hear the master of ceremony, José Antonio Ponce introduce Keely, and then she will perform Air: Hopeful, and then, the NMMA winner, Water: Out at Sea. 

December 17th, 2020: Downtown Gallup Rocks Concert Series. Celloquacious was honored to be selected to perform as part of this music series which was funded by the Mimi and Mortimer Levitt Foundation. The recorded performance was streamed on Facebook, Instagram and on KGLP 91.7 FM on the 19th. 


Awards & Grants


2024 NMMA
(New Mexico Music Awards)  

Winner for "Angels" in the Ambient Category,
and Finalist for 
Best Instrumental Performance Category.

2023 ISC

(International Songwriting Competition)
Semi-Finalist in the Instrumentalist Category,for her song, "Transfiguration".

2023 NMMA
Double Finalist for "Archetype" in the World Music category, and "Transfiguration" in the Ambient/New Age category. 

2021 International Songwriting Competition Semi-Finalist in the Instrumentalist Category,for her song, "Out at Sea".

2020 New Mexico Music Award (NMMA) in the Ambient Instrumental Category for "Out at Sea"


Archetype by Celloquacious
2023 NMMA Finalist

Composition and Performance

by Keely Mackey aka Celloquacious.

© 2020 by Keely Mackey-Gonzales. Proudly created with

LIVE VIDEO at Exclusive House Party/
Transfiguration: 2023 ISC Semi-Finalist and 2023 New Mexico Music Award Finalist (excerpt) by Celloquacious
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