//  Origin:  Albuquerque, NM
//  Genres:  Instrumental, Neo Classical, Healing Music, Steampunk, Film, Multi-Genre
Electroacoustic, Ambient, 
//  Years Active:  2019- Present
//  Label: Indie 
//  Website:  Keelymackey.com,     Elizabethcapra.org
Short Bio
We are honored to announce, that Keely's song, Out at Sea, won the 2020 New Mexico Music Award in the Ambient, Contemporary Instrumental category, and this song is also a Semi-Finalist in the 2021 ISC (International Songwriting Competition), the largest songwriting competition in the world with over 22,000 entries. Celloquacious is an artistic and musical concept of a cellist and composer, communicating through her cello. Keely plays solo on electroacoustic cello with live looping, so it ultimately sounds like she has a cello orchestra playing with her! Since Keely plays from her heart, this passion can be felt by her listeners. She believes that, "music unlocks dimensions that words themselves cannot utter".
Delphi Project

Internationally award-winning composer, and pianist Elizabeth Capra, joins with award winning electro acoustic looping cellist, composer and inter-disciplinary artist, Keely Mackey, in the Delphi Project. In the genre of futuristic antiquity, there is nothing else like this duo! Neo-classical with an edge, this music ranges from haunting to driving, enchanting to upbeat. Creating a style that defies tradition, the Delphi Project creates incredible synergy and artistic fusion on stage and in their recordings. Book now!

Celloquacious Live: Archetype 3.0
Delphi Project: La Resistance


April 26th: Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Kappa Virtual National Conference, Washington, DC. A truly great organization, supporting musicians and composers. Delphi Project (Elizabeth Capra and Keely Mackey were interviewed and our music video of "The Witches" was premiered.

May 13th: New Digital Compilation LP Release: "Accidental Counterpoint in the Time of Social Distancing", byThe Unheard Ensemble. 100% of charitable contributions go to musician's relief fund. Celloquacious performed on tracks 1 and 11. This was organized, compiled and mastered by Justin H. Brierley in Santa Fe. 

June 28th: Bhava Yoga and Celloquacious Live Cello and Yoga: All Proceeds benefit BIPOC Sangha. We raised hundreds of dollars for this charity fundraiser! This yoga and cello collaboration was live streamed through Facebook.

August 16th: New Mexico Music Awards Ceremony: Keely Mackey aka Celloquacious was invited to perform two pieces, which were live video recorded and aired during the NMMA ceremony. Keely won the award in the Ambient, Contemporary Instrumental category, for her song, Out at Sea. Elizabeth Capra's piece (Delphi Project) La Resistance, was a finalist in this category.

October 22nd: Nature Meditation I (with Marisol Brito leading yoga): was released as part of a nationwide livestream benefit event, to support domestic violence survivors.

December 17th: Gallup Rocks Concert Series. Celloquacious was honored to be selected to perform as part of this music series. The recorded performance was streamed on Facebook, Instagram and on KGLP 91.7 FM on the 19th. 

December 22nd: New Mexico Interfaith Power and Light: Wandering in Darkness Solstice Celebration. I created a video for this virtual event. This video that I produced of my piece, Endeavor, can be viewed on my Celloquacious YouTube channel.

December 31st: Fusion Forum Theater's NYE Virtual Celebration: Delphi Project's piece, La Resistance.


NYCEMF 2021 New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival: In a virtual collaboration with Iran based electroacoustic composer and musician, Madyar Ghazinejad, Keely is featured in the collaborative music piece, Debris of a Colorful Dream. The special video presentation may be viewed on the Celloquacious YouTube Channel. All video footage was created by Keely, and Madyar produced the final video presentation for this virtual festival. We are honored to be selected to be a part of the world's largest electroacoustic music festival.

May 22, 2021 AMP Concerts, "Emerging from the Pandemic" Concert Series : Celloquacious and Robb Janov (Electraloop Violin) in Old Town Albuquerque, at Casa Flamenca. SOLD OUT!

May Music Monday New Mexico featuring Celloquacious to be filmed and broadcast on TV, Radio and YouTube Dates TBA

July 18, 25, and August 1: Yoga Retreat Series Soundbath with Bhava Yoga to benefit Non-Profit Bee Organization: Think Like a Bee

June and July concerts in NY TBA


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Keely Mackey aka Celloquacious

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