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//  Origin:  Albuquerque, NM
//  Genres:  Instrumental, Neo Classical Metal, Healing Music, Steampunk, Film, Multi-Genre, Electroacoustic, Ambient, New Age
//  Years Active:  2019- Present
//  Label: Indie 
//  Website:,     
Short Bio
Celloquacious is an artistic and musical concept of a cellist, composer, and interdisciplinary artist, communicating through her cello. Keely plays solo on electroacoustic/electric cello with live looping, so it ultimately sounds like she has a cello orchestra playing with her! Since Keely plays from her heart, this passion can be felt by her listeners. She believes that, "music unlocks dimensions that words themselves cannot utter". Her recent album, Celloquacious: I Speak Through My Cello, is a love letter to Nature in sound form. Her album of eight songs, has attained 5 awards! Her final song on the album, "Out at Sea" won the 2020 NMMA and was a Semi-Finalist for 2021 ISC, the largest songwriting competition in the world. Keep your ears and eyes open for what she'll create next!
Delphi Project

Internationally award-winning composer, and pianist Elizabeth Capra, joins with award winning electro acoustic looping cellist, composer and inter-disciplinary artist, Keely Mackey, in the Delphi Project. In the genre of futuristic antiquity, there is nothing else like this duo! Neo-classical with an edge, this music ranges from haunting to driving, enchanting to upbeat. Creating a style that defies tradition, the Delphi Project creates incredible synergy and artistic fusion on stage and in their recordings. 


Celloquacious Live: Archetype 3.0
Delphi Project: La Resistance
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