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//  Origin:  Albuquerque, NM
//  Genres:  Instrumental, Neo Classical, Healing Music, Steampunk, Film, Multi-Genre
Electroacoustic, Ambient, 
//  Years Active:  2019- Present
//  Label: Indie 
//  Website:,     
Short Bio
Celloquacious is an artistic and musical concept of a cellist, composer, and interdisciplinary artist, communicating through her cello. Keely plays solo on electroacoustic cello with live looping, so it ultimately sounds like she has a cello orchestra playing with her! Since Keely plays from her heart, this passion can be felt by her listeners. She believes that, "music unlocks dimensions that words themselves cannot utter". Her recent album, Celloquacious: I Speak Through My Cello, is a love letter to Nature in sound form. Her final song on the album, "Out at Sea" won the 2020 NMMA and was a Semi-Finalist for 2021 ISC, the largest songwriting competition in the world. Keep your ears and eyes open for what she'll create next!
Delphi Project

Internationally award-winning composer, and pianist Elizabeth Capra, joins with award winning electro acoustic looping cellist, composer and inter-disciplinary artist, Keely Mackey, in the Delphi Project. In the genre of futuristic antiquity, there is nothing else like this duo! Neo-classical with an edge, this music ranges from haunting to driving, enchanting to upbeat. Creating a style that defies tradition, the Delphi Project creates incredible synergy and artistic fusion on stage and in their recordings. 


Celloquacious Live: Archetype 3.0
Delphi Project: La Resistance



February 11: Ceremony for UETF Resiliency Residency Recipients from the City of Albuquerque at City Center. I'm excited to work with Fusion Theater and record my new album, display my macrophotography, do art workshops and put on exciting performances in collaboration with dancers. My greatest hope is that my nature inspired music and art with inspire, comfort and help us heal. I look forward to collaborations locally, nationally, and internationally over the next year and a half.

February 24: Film Premiere of Sirocco, an extended music video/music film, produced by Delphi Project Productions. Announced by New Mexico Film Office (read article on my Celloquacious Facebook page). Written and produced by M. Elizabeth Garland. Compositions by Elizabeth Garland and Keely Mackey. Principal cast and musician performers: Elizabeth Garland, Keely Mackey, Robb Janov and Danny Manweller. 

February 26: 2021 International Songwriting Competition (ISC) Semi-Finalist for, Out at Sea, in the Instrumental Category. International Songwriting Competition is the largest songwriting competition in the world. There were over 22,000 entries this year, and semi-finalists make up only 11% of all entries, so this is a remarkable achievement.

April 29: Sunport Serenades. This is my third invitation in the Sunport Serenade series of performing at the Albuquerque International Sunport. 

May 1st: May Day Cello and Yoga with Erin Hansbrough. This is my first UETF performance at Fusion Theater. Come and join us for a yoga experience complimented with my live music, including my Nature Meditation, Bee Meditation and songs form my EP: From When the Veil Thins. 

May 7: Conservation Carnivale Science Circus: Introduction to Marcro Photography Workshop: Seeing Worlds Within Worlds. Located at Bachechi Open Space from 9 am to Noon to educate people, using science, about protecting and caring for our environment. 

May 14 and 15th: Macrophotography Classes in the morning. As part of the UETF Resiliency Residency, I gave two macrophotography classes for adults at the Albuquerque Botanical Gardens. Participants were able to use the macro lenses, which magnified 15-20 times. I acquired these lenses as part of the UETF Resiliency Residency.

June has been devoted to recording my new album, as part of bringing my proposal to fruition for the City of Albuquerque UETF Resiliency Residency Grant, which I was awarded. I am also recording and collaborating with other musicians in June. Additionally, I am hired for several private performances.


June 16th: Cello Fest: My own cello studio of students will participate and perform solos, duets, and a double quartet of cellos from a variety of classical and modern repertoire.


July 13th: Professional Photoshoot by Keith Langerman, for upcoming album release.

July 15th: Filming by Sopapilla Productions for a documentary for the City of Albuquerque's UETF Resiliency Residency. Ten recipients were selected for this film of 100 who were awarded this grant, and Keely, aka Celloquacious was selected for a mini-documentary of her work in this Residency.

August 13th: High Desert Screening Albuquerque: 2022 recognition for Official Selection (Music Video) of La Resistance by Delphi Project: Elizabeth Garland, composer and keys, and Keely Mackey, cello.

August 19th: Album Release Performance at 6 pm at Fusion Forum Theatre. An album release party like you've never seen before, including live featured performances from dancers, and multimedia visuals of Keelys' macrophotography.

August 20th - 21st: Pirate Viking Summer Bash: an annual festival put on by NM Renaissance Celtic Festival at Wildlife West Nature Park. Celloquacious will perform on the Viking Stage both days. Keely was recovering from Covid so attendance at this event was regretfully, not possible.

June - August: Summer Sundays Market at FUSION: Keely participated in this community event, as part of her Resiliency Residency at FUSION. Keely did macrophotography introduction workshops for the public during this time. AMP Concerts supported musicians onstage, and there were local artists, makers and vintage vendors. 

September - October: Keely will be directing and rehearsing with her Delphi Project partner, Elizabeth Garland, for their second annual production of When the Veil Thins, which includes multiple musicians and performers. Keely is also collaborating with other productions and teaching ongoing macrophotography classes.

October 1st: Private Event

October 28th: Sunport Serenedes: Keely was selected to be part of this series again this year at the Albuquerque International Airport. 

November 5, 2022: When the Veil Thins production with Keely and Elizabeth of Delphi Project at South Broadway Cultural Center, including Neo Classical musicians, dancers and visuals.


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Keely Mackey aka Celloquacious

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