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Dear Engaged Couple,

Congratulations! This is one of the most exciting times of your life! Please relax and know that I have two decades of experience playing for weddings. I will select appropriate music to set the mood as I perform as your guests gather, and you will get to select your processional and recessional pieces. I'm also available for reception music following your wedding ceremony. Relax, and allow the professional to take care of you, with your music needs!


As an option, I also have a pianist and another cellist that I work with, if you'd like to add more musicians to your wedding. Many people are happy with solo cello, as it's soothing and relaxing, yet invigorating. I also perform with a live looping station, as I build live layers of sound of my own compositions, so it eventually can sound like a cello orchestra is playing with me! 


You can also hire me to compose an original piece of music created and dedicated just for you!

I look forward to your special day!

Funerals/Life Celebrations/End of Life


Keely feels a special calling to help comfort those who are at the end of life, and in turn comfort their loved ones during this transition. She has been called to play her cello for those who are about to pass from this world to the next, and has been told that the agitation and pain that these people experienced, were aleviated. That they were able to be comforted, and thus their transition was eased. This is a great honor for Keely to be able to be a part of this passage journey, as we know that one of the last senses that we hold is that of hearing, and that the cello is a soulful, heart opening and calming instrument to hear. 

Over the past two decades, Keely has also played for several funerals and celebrations of life. The music that she brings to this ceremony creates comfort in the moment, that also extends afterward. Additionally, the memory of your loved one may live on, with a special compostion and recording made just for you by award winning composer and cellist, Keely Mackey. She has personally experienced how difficult it may be to make decisions during this time, so she hopes to help put your mind at heart at ease during this process.

See my KRQE News 13 Interview to hear me play and speak about my experiences!

Private Events

For over 25 years, Keely has been hired to perform for weddings and special events, such as: yoga retreats, funerals, gala fundraisers, art openings, graduation parties, comforting those at the end of life, religious retreats and other life celebrations.

Keely uses her extensive repertoire of music (including her own award winning compositions, arrangements, and improvisations), and has a unique sensitivity to the needs of the acoustical and emotional setting, which allows her to hand select appropriate music for each event. Keely plays standard classical repertoire, as well as her own award winning compositions on electro acoustic cello with live looping (building live layers of sound) and effects. Her musical awareness, sensitivity, timing and interaction with participants, in order to create the appropriate sound (and silence), creates an atmosphere for the special event that is greatly in tune. 

These events allow Keely to enrich other people's lives, and in turn, this also brings great fulfillment to her own life, as she participates in and celebrates important life events with people, and also performs for organizations whose missions and concerns align with her own beliefs and practices.

Yoga Retreats 

Yoga asana has had a special place in Keely's life since 1992, so it's only natural, that a decade ago, Keely began performing for special yoga classes, retreats and events. Each class is unique, according to the type of yoga being practiced: flow, yin, etc. and the mindful intention set for the particular event. Keely has performed solo on her cello, and also utilizes her looping station, to build live layers of sound. She plays her own compositions, as well as her own arrangements of Kirtan and Classical pieces, according to the needs of the particular event. This creates a "sound bath that is at once haunting, atmospheric, and just deeply beautiful," Erin Hansbrough, Owner, Indi Yoga. 

Please contact Keely to arrange a special cello sound bath performance for your yoga event!

KRQE News 13 Interview