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Trinity Site

Requiem & Transfiguration

This twenty minute multimedia performance piece is both a historical and futuristic narrative, told through Keely’s emotive electroacoustic cello music and through projected and altered archival visuals (taken by Michael Pino's father who died from cancer acquired from exposure to Trinity Site radiation). There’s a sense of a generational grasp for healing, as the visuals that his son, Michael Pino displays through MindMapper are manipulated and appear to transform and transfigure themselves, showing abstracted beauty, and paralleling the intention of Keely’s song, Transfiguration. Keely's original electroacoustic looping cello compositions, Requiem and Transfiguration, tell a musical story of the ineffable loss, grief and anger due to Trinity Site impacts that were and are still felt. The song Transfiguration takes the struggle and moving from darkness to light, as the affected community moves forward by healing their families, land and communities. Keely has stayed in Carrizozo, NM on Pino Ranch, where Michael Pino's father lived when the Trinity Site disaster occurred, and has performed these songs on this land during ceremonies to help with healing. 

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Transfiguration, by Keely Mackey, was a finalist for the 2023 New Mexico Music Awards in the Ambient Music Category


To perform for live audiences across New Mexico, especially those within the vicinity of the Trinity Site, in order to provide healing through multidiscipliany performance of the emotive music of Keely's cello playing, combined with historic visuals from the Pino family of Carrizozo and visually transformative macro photos by Keely from nature's elements.


To provide healing esperiences for the families and land affected by the Trinity Site. To provide recognition of the impact on the people and the land, and to provide positive transformational healing through music and visual art, to envision and realize a transformed present and future for these communities.

This is a work in progress, and includes documentary at Pino Ranch in Carrizozo, NM, including interviews and video footage of the historic jacal where Mr. Pino was at the time of the Trinity Site atomic bomb detonation. A healing ceremony was performed and recorded in the jacal. 

Videos of the collaboration performance between Keely Mackey and Michael Pino are currently available in partial form on Instagram. Further work is being recorded and developed, and will be published on YouTube in the next few months.

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