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Melodious Ceremonia

You are welcome to embrace this time of year with us, as we hold respect for our ancestors, and give thanks for abundance. Award Winning musicians Keely Mackey (Celloquacious) and Eli del Puerto join together to bring our community a unique, interactive, and melodious healing ceremony with Nature's elements, through music. Keely's emotive electroacoustic cello, Eli's evocative voice, unique electric cello, poetic lyrics, spoken word, percussion . . . and more!

We invite our audience to participate, by bringing: a photo of your loved one that has passed, flowers (especially marigolds), or another memento to add to the altar before the ceremony begins. We will hold space for our audience members throughout the ceremony, and invite a discussion following the musical ceremony/performance.

This musical ceremony performance takes place on Saturday, November 4th, at the Old San Ysidro Church in Corrales, NM at 6:30 pm (doors at 6 pm). Keely and Eli will hold space for you before the performance, and afterwards as well. Please note that Old San Ysidro is located at 966 Church Rd, Corrales NM.

Keely Mackey (Celloquacious) and Eli del Puerto are both award winning musicians, and often perform solo. It's a great delight to see their talents synergistically merge and combine as they collaborate together for this unique performance! Southwest Steampunk meets Galactic Cowgirl: you're in for a unique celebration!

Please email me if you'd like to be a SPONSOR.


Limited tickets are available for this intimate church venue through Eventbrite.

You can choose to be a sponsor and receive seating in the front few rows.

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